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60V battery included. Great for steps and patio. 2443935
Troy-Bilt® Squall 179E 21" Snow Blower
179cc Troy-Bilt engine with 21-inch clearing width. Electric start. Compact size. 2554305
             Husqvarna® ST227 Snow Thrower
27" width. Two stage snow thrower with heated grips with an adjustable handle. Convenient trigger control power steering. Use power outlet to start the engine by pushbutton. Bright LED headlight. Great for all snow conditions! 2545563
Husqvarna® ST230 Two Stage Gas Snow Blower
Electric start. 30" clearing width. 23" clearing height. Features heated hand grips. 1976490
                Limited Quantities
Limited Quantities
Toro® Cordless Snow Shovel
Toro® 28" 2 Stage Snow Blower Track
Toro® Power Clear® 518 ZR
Gas Snow Blower
99cc Toro® premium 4-cycle OHV engine.
18" clearing width and up to 25' throwing distance. 1976469
518 ZE Gas Snow Blower
18" clearing width and up to 25' throwing distance. Electric start. 1976472
Toro® Power Clear® 721 E
Gas Snow Blower
212cc Toro® premium 4 cycle OHV engine. 21" clearing width and up to 35' throwing distance. Ideally used to clear 3" to 9" of snow at a time. 1976487
Troy-Bilt® Storm 2890 Snow Blower
243cc Troy-Bilt NoiseGuardTM engine with
28" clearing width - much quieter than other engines. Touch N’ TurnTM trigger-controlled power steering. Two-stage design. Airless tire design, tires are maintenance-free, never go flat. 2554314
Instead of wheels now try this easy to use track system! 2443938
Big Brand
EGO® Single Stage
Snow Blower with Steel Auger
Delivers the power and performance of gas without the noise, fuss and fumes. Featuring Peak PowerTM technology, it combines the power of any two EGO 56V ARC LithiumTM batteries for the power to clear heavy, wet snow with a throwing distance up to 40'. Built with a high-efficiency brushless motor and steel auger. 2585313
           99 799
Troy-Bilt® Storm 2440 Snow Blower
208cc Troy-Bilt OHV electric-start engine. Ergonomic controls and a centered chute crank. 2554308
26" Storm 2620 Snow Blower
243cc electric-start engine with 26-in clearing width. Make quick work of heavy, icy snow with powerful serrated augers and an extended chute design. 2554311 89999

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